Vegetable Hacao/Hargow

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Product Details

Fill up on good health! This traditional Cantonese vegan delicacy is prepped with a punch of healthy vegetables packed in oyster sauce and a million more flavors. The appetizing filling is wrapped in a delicate wrapper made of tapioca starch and flour, and flirtatiously sealed with 7 to 10 pleats per Har Gao bite! The most authentic, naturally green-colored vegan Har Gao bites to be crunched with your favorite dip sauce. These heart touching dim sums can perfectly satisfy your late night cravings—and, we bet you’d return to the kitchen craving for more!

Preferable to be steamed, place Har Gao neatly on greased parchment paper on a steamer tray; and hear your belly rumble until it’s cooked! You can achieve that absolute crazy crunchiness without defrosting it!


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