Faskar | Two Bar Sea Bream

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As a guide fish is 300-500 gram/pc average.
final weight will vary as per your selected preparation.
fish vary in size, the invoiced weight will be within + or – 10% of your ordered weight.

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Faskar or Two Bar Sea Bream or two-banded seabream have tender white flesh that is perfect for grilling, baking and frying either whole or as fillets. With a 30% recommended daily amount of Selenium, vitamin B12, B3, B6 and Phosphorous in a 150 gram portion, Faskar gives your multi-vitamin pills a run for their money. So sit down and enjoy a scrumptious dish of faskar, and forget the pills. After all people in the UAE seems to be reaping all the benefits.

Nutrition Value in
Nutrition Value in 100g
Energy 164Kcal
Protein 308g
Carbohydrates 4g
Sugar 0g
Fat 2g
Fibre 0g
Sodium 391mg


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