Frozen Langoustine

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Langoustines look similar to the Maine lobster (and are of the lobster family), but are much smaller, far more  slender through the body, and have elongated narrow pincers instead of wide claws. However, to some purists, this is the only crustacean deserving of the name “prawn”- a word many associate with large shrimp. Further confusing matters is the fact that Italians call their Mediterranean langoustines “Scampi” – a popular dish in the U.S. that instead features sautéed shrimp. Species of langoustine are found predominantly in the Atlantic Ocean from Iceland south to Morocco into the Mediterranean, and off of coastal New Zealand and Australia as well (this species, Metanephrops challenger is the one we showcase).”Langostinos” generally refers to the cold water Pleauronocodes monodon that are caught off the coast of Chile.


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