Scallops Meat – Frozen

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Product Details

There’s more to life than chicken. Our Queen scallop meat without roe is a compliment is flavor-packed not-so-fishy fish. A well-cooked scallop has a buttery, subtly sweet flavor that’s not ‘too fish-like’ but it does have a blend of lobster and crab like taste to it. When cooked in combination, the mildly flavored scallop excellently absorbs other flavors slightly. Scallop is a little tricky to cook with a mushy texture if under cooked and firmer one if overcooked. Keep it springy and juicy while it’s still translucent in the middle for a perfectly tasting scallop meat.

Easiest trick is to pan fry the juicy morsels or you can deep fry them in a batter to keep it tender and finger-licking good.


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