Shrimps Peeled – Medium (Frozen)

AED 19.00 AED 16.00 per 500 Gm

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Product Details

Time is of glucophage the essence when it comes to levitra canada pharmacy cooking. How more can we help you than by offering your Peeled Jumbo Shrimps! Our shrimps are peeled and deveined allowing you to get right into the eriacta coupons cooking. Our peeled jumbo shrimps tend to have an protective ice glaze over them, which melts away upon defrosting. Excellent for a cocktail style preparation as well as for shrimp stir fry, our peeled jumbo shrimps is sure to leave you wanting more. Known to be high in protein , vitamin B12 and selenium, enjoy a taste of yummy shrimps along with a side dish of healthy! 


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